Food 4 Thought is a group of community members of different backgrounds who are like minded in the mission to end hunger and homelessness in Wake County.  Every Sunday we distribute food to as many as 117 people a week. We not affiliated with any organized group or religion.  


In addition we work with other organizations to distribute food to people in other communities. Food 4 Thought works with other organizations such as the Helping Hand Mission, Raleigh Resucue MissionThe neighborhood Network at the Raleigh Mennonite Church, The Tri-Area Ministry, and the Angier Food Pantry.


Food 4 Thought's four guiding principles are compassion, dignity, love, and unity. Our volunteers are brought together for the purpose of sharing food with the less fortunate. We pick up mainly organic food from grocery stores that would normally be tossed out in the garbage, yet is still healthy and edible. We then sort through the food keeping the good and composting what is no longer edible. Then we share the mainly organic food with the guests at the Oak City Outreach Center every Sunday at 4:30 pm.